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Organized by :

Non-profit association

Areas of expertise : 

Generalist and family law. 


Open to:

Women and families only 


Type of services provided:

  • Advice (written or oral information)
  • Writing (writing for private persons and authorities)


Price of services:

  • Consultations: 50 CHF / 30 CHF
  • Telephone permanence: free of charge

Spoken languages:

English, French, Spanish.


Make an appointment:

By telephone

Attendance of a lawyer:

No, attendance of jurists

Note :

Very high attendance. F-information is specialized in family law. 

Monday: 2pm - 6pm (consultation by appointment)
Tuesday: 11am-1pm (telephone permanence), 2pm - 6pm (consultation by appointment)
Wednesday : 2pm-4pm (telephone permanence)
Thursday: 9am-1pm (consultation by appointment)
Friday: 9am - 1pm (consultation by appointment)

022 740 31 00 (association) / 022 740 31 11 (phone permanence)

67, Rue de la Servette, 1202 Genève

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