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Syndicat interprofessionnel des travailleuses et travailleurs (SIT)

Syndicat interprofessionnel des travailleuses et travailleurs (SIT)

Organized by :

Social partners

Areas of expertise : 

  • Employment law (employment contract, dismissal, salary, personality, certificate)
  • Social insurance law (invalidity, accident, sickness, unemployment, family allowances, maternity, social assistance)
  • Migration law (residence permits, naturalisation, visas, administrative detention, asylum)


Open to:



Services provided :

  • Advice (written or oral information)
  • Writing (writing for private persons and authorities)
  • Legal representation (legal writing and court accompaniment)


Price of services:

The price of services varies according to salaries. 


Spoken languages:

English, French


Make an appointment:

No appointment required 

Attendance of a lawyer: 



Note :

It is necessary to join the SIT in order to obtain legal services. The SIT does not provide union information directly by telephone or e-mail. 

Schedules vary according to the profession. See on the website.

16, Rue des Chaudronniers, 1204 Genève

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